Event Itinerary Management

Clear visibility of all of your guests travel itineraries with options to layer in important event activities into the Event Itinerary.

  • Gather all of your traveller booking confirmations in one place and create a group itinerary visible only to the coordinator while each traveller can see their own.
  • Ability to create additional Itinerary items beyond travel to make sure your group are fully aware of the Event Program at all time.
  • Eliminate the use of excel spreadsheets for coordination of hotel airport collections, arrival and departure times & hotel rooming.


Visibility and reporting on all event based travel.

  • Measure the real economic impact of your programs for the travel destinations.
  • Duty of Care reporting in the event of a security incident.

Event Speakers and Attendees

Everything you need for your trip in one convenient place.

  • All of your travel and program information on a single itinerary on your phone.
  • Travaplan replaces previous tasks such as manually preparing itineraries, printing booking confirmations and recording costs in excel returning valuable time to my busy schedule. It also provides great peace of mind knowing my CEO has everything he needs for his travel in one place on his mobile device.

    Roisin C Genomics, Office Manager


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